Goodway is a technological start-up company which was founded with the objective to successfully commercialise the Activator’s technology. It was established by a group of specialists who are originators of the technology and at the same time have experience in conducting research and technology implementation.

Mission of our company is to develop solutions which will positively influence the state of the natural environment and limit the negative impact of humans on nature. Activators technology is the company's main asset, and its short- and medium-term development strategy is based on commercialization and implementation of this technology to the market. GOODWAY will first focus on using activators technology to lower global emissions by reducing the amount of coal burned. Further R&D and tests will be carried out for other types of fuels.

​​​​​​​Goodway’s solution based on a breakthrough technology allowing to increase fuel net caloric value will have a significant impact on the climate, environment and, also - the society.

Implementing the solution on the market will help reducing pollution, lower amount of produced wastes and to reduce of carbon footprint related to transportation fuel to power stations.


Goodway is represented by a team of reputable and experienced technologists, scientists and visionaries with an international background. Our teammates are involved in building technological solutions which are environmentally friendly and answer the modern problems related to the climate change. Every person of the R&D team is equipped with unique knowledge and experience.


Paweł Mielcarz, Prof.

Chief Financial

Przemysław Samociak

Chief of R&D

Kamil Rutkowski

Chief Technology

Beata Cichocka-Tylman

Chief Communications

Zbigniew Adamus

Security Specialist

Bartosz Kędzierski

IT Specialist

Marta Szczecińska 

Project Sanagement Asistant

Natalia Kuc

CEO - IP Development

Sławomir Podsiadło, Prof. 

CEO - R&D Development

Stanisław Banerski

Design Specialist